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Friday, July 12 2013

What is important in a church fellowship? As a member of a local church what are you looking for in your church. Keep in mind there are no perfect churches but what would you like to see your church do well and make effort to become more like?

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Saturday, July 06 2013

As a leader, you MUST know the answer to these 3 questions…


Leading is about asking questions. About asking right questions. As a leader, you need to know the answer to the Now, the Then, and the Never…


What should I be doing now?

Know the answer to this one! This is measured in daily disciplines. You know, those things you should be doing every day. These are the physical, spiritual, and relational disciplines that keep a leader someone worth following. This is understanding the overall direction you’re going and making sure you’re getting there.

The NOW will take you to the THEN

What will I do then?

These are more long term goals. You and I need to know the answer to these questions. What are you goals 1, 3, and 5 years from now? Where is God taking you? Where are those daily disciplines in the now leading? The answer to these questions may not be immediately measurable. They are things that God may still be birthing that you can be on track towards.

What is it that I will never do?

Be careful here. In fact, you should answer this question with a loud, “Nothing!” See, the second we say never to something is the second we quit guarding ourselves from it happening. You say, “I’ll never cheat on my wife.” When you make that statement, you’re letting your guard down and giving yourself permission to quit guarding against that very thing. Be careful about the never. This MUST be a SHORT list if a list at all!

Answer the questions and move the vision!

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